Final Day for the Aeriel Survey Team

Our surveys took us out to The Deepwater Horizon today. We completed a sawtooth survey (our path made a zigzag shape) criss crossing over the source and covering the area well east and west of the site.

We saw a large pod of 200-250 pantropical dolphins, as well as several smaller groups to the west of the source, 5 sperm whales, a small group of Risso’s dolphins, and some unidentified sharks.

Jen Gatzke in a NOAA57. Photo by Pete Duley/NOAA

We were hoping to jump on NOAA46 this afternoon for a look at the high altitude multispectral imaging, but their afternoon flight was canceled because of a shift in oil spill response efforts. This was our last flight on this round of surveys, and the surveys will pick up again on or about June 28th. Tonight is our farewell dinner with the science crew and pilots from both teams, and we will be heading back to Hyannis, MA, tomorrow morning. We’ve enjoyed our stay in the Gulf and want to thank the good people of Alabama for all their fine hospitality…and their delicious peaches.

~Submitted by Jen Gatzke and Pete Duley

Aerial survey crew. From left: Pete Duley, Jen Gatzke, Lisa Belskis, Carrie Horton, Kevin Barry, Mark Nelson, Tanner Sims

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