Message in Bottle

When Cynthie Noel and her boyfriend Cyrus Antoine went for a ride in his truck to LaTitasse Beach on the Atlantic side of St. Lucia, neither expected to find a mysterious blue glass bottle with a message inside.  When Cyrus broke open the bottle, they found a postcard and picture from the crew members of NOAA ship Albatross IV.

message in bottle

Cynthie Noel with the found contents of a bottle launched from the NOAA ship Albatross IV.

The missive was launched on November 10, 2008 by TK Arbosto, a NOAA NEFSC employee.  She contacted us on June 22, 2011, writing “I was really excited to get the message in the bottle because I’ve heard of people getting it, and never knew that this day would be my turn. . . it was a day I won’t forget.”

TK Arbosto puts a note and photo in a bottle hoping it will be found by some new contact on shore.

This bottle was one of 32 that had be launched on the final voyage of NOAA’s research vessel, the Albatross IV.  Earlier, one of these bottles was found in the Azores; you can read that story here.

Stay tuned as we see how many connections we can make with people all across the globe!

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