Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

tursiops truncatus bottlenose dolphin

These two bottlenose dolphins were some of few sightings we had recently on the Henry B. Bigelow. (Photo credit: Allison Henry/NOAA NEFSC.)

Day 10 – July 6: We steamed west overnight to try to get out of the fog and didn’t really succeed. We tried to resurvey line 13, one of our continental shelf lines south of MA, but never really escaped the grip of the fog. We had a whopping total of 6 sightings: a mixed group of Atlantic spotted and striped dolphins (we collected another biopsy of a spotted dolphin), a few Risso’s, and a handful of bottlenose dolphins. We transited southwest that night so that we could be off NJ to do our inshore lines in the morning.

Day 11 – July 7: Skunked!! We surveyed our northern section of inshore lines off NJ and didn’t see a single marine mammal. In fact, we only had one sighting all day – two spinner sharks. We did not deploy our acoustic array because of the relatively shallow depths.

Allison Henry, chief scientist

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