Another Tough Day at the Office

photo of jumping Bottlenose Dolphin on marine mammal survey and science research cruise

One of the few bottlenose dolphins recently seen by the marine mammal survey staff on the NOAA research vessel, Henry B. Bigelow. (Photo credit: Todd Pusser/ NOAA NEFSC)

Day 12 – July 8: We didn’t get skunked, but close to it. We surveyed the southern section of our inshore lines (41-46) and had a dozen or so bottlenose dolphins at the beginning of the day, but after that we only had sightings of water and whitecaps.

view of the atlantic ocean as seen from a NEFSC survey on the research  vessel Bigelow

Lovely view of a beautiful, but empty sea. (Photo credit: Sasha MacFarland/NOAA NEFSC.)

Day 13 – July 9: We moved offshore to resurvey our westernmost shelf break lines (20, 21) but the weather fates worked against us all day. While the winds were good in the morning, the 8 ft+ swells prevented us from being able to actually stay on trackline. So, the birders and acousticians stayed on effort as we tacked back and forth, trying to find the best ride for the ship. By the time the swells subsided, the winds had picked up. We just couldn’t win! We do have several die hard observers who stayed on deck just to see what they could see. Good thing they did, too, otherwise the birders would have been the only ones that got to see the blue whale that surfaced off our starboard side.

Using big eyes to watch for whales and dolphins on a marine mammal survey on the Henry B Bigelow

Watching, watching watching. Diehard observers keep looking out through the big eyes, even on slow days. (Photo Credit: C. Hotchkin/NOAA NEFSC)

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