“Roger, Roger”: Amusement at Sea

July 23, 2011:  While only three days in, the social life of Leg 3 on the AMAPPS cruise has begun with the hotly contested first group movie choice of the evening shown Thursday night – a respectably attended screening of the 1980 classic “Airplane”.

“Roger Murdock:  ‘We have clearance, Clarence.’  Captain Oveur:  ‘Roger, Roger. What’s your vector, Victor?’ ” Several of the observers also conduct aerials surveys;  some of the quotes from that film will no doubt be painfully repeated many times in the near future!

The first ever NOAA Ship  HENRY B. BIGELOW double elimination cribbage tournament will be held soon; the sign up list is  posted and people are facing off in practice hands.  Expect the competition to be fierce with Duley and Friedrichsen showing strong and Briga ‘claiming’ she doesn’t know how to play.

We are enjoying internet access while aboard this leg, as we did for the majority of Leg 2, thanks to Billy’s techno-savvy.  While we did not have internet for the first week of Leg 2, that did not stand in the way of Facebook activity.  Paper ‘walls’ were posted on cabin doors and statuses were updated. Once our cyber-connection had been restored, the ink continued to flow with creative cartoon mobile uploads!

paper  "walls" posted ojn cabin doors

Paper "walls" were posted on cabin doors during the brief internet interruption at the start of leg 2. (Credit: Jen Gatzke, NEFSC/NOAA))

Thanks to our hard working BIGELOW crew, we thoroughly enjoyed an ice cream social in addition to our 4thof July BBQ on the stern and flying bridge party during Leg 2.

Kelly Slivka took this image of herself (really!) during a recent ice cream social

Safety at sea provides another measure of fun and outlet for creativity, with abandon ship drills providing the perfect opportunity to obtain embarrassing photos of your coworkers and use those obscure features provided with your image editing software.

A good sport: Danielle Colewiak during one of the ship's safety at sea drills. Her colleagues had some fun after the fact with the image editing software. (Credit: Kelly Slivka, NEFSC/NOAA)

If you’re lucky enough while observing on the roll tank you may get musical accompaniment by the cruise chemist – and bongo handler, and CTD operator, and…what doesn’t Reubin do?

Reubin  plays a guitar

Reubin Darlington provides some musical entertainment. (Credit: Kelly Slivka, NEFSC/NOAAO

Observers cannot get enough of looking through the big-eyes during the day so they are used on clear nights for stargazing!

It's not all daytime fun: Carol Fairfield takes advantage of a clear night sky to do some stargazing. (Credit: Kelly Slivka, NEFSC/NOAA)

The Stinky Sailor Bar will be open on the Flying Bridge tonight with Mocktails, music and Cornhole (beanbag toss).

Left to right: Pete Duley, Jen Gatzke, and Reubin Darlington have some fun during off hours. (Credit: Kelly Slivka, NEFSC/NOAA)

Where Leg 2 saw dolphin Mardi Gras beads, origami, water pistols and bubbles, Leg 3 has Hula hoops and a big jar of atomic fire balls that have already begun to fly. But it’s only day three and one never knows if the sea bags may still have some surprises in store!

Jan Gatzke
Marine Mammal Observer

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