Hearing is believing

Hello from team acoustics! We’re now on leg three of the AMAPPS survey on the Henry B. Bigelow and for this leg we have had some ups and downs.

Gumby and

Greetings from Team Acoustics and our mascot, Gumby. (Credit: Cara Hotchkins, NEFSC/NOAA)

On the positive side, our hydrophone array has been really reliable lately! The ocean environment is a very stressful place for equipment, especially scientific equipment. Several times during the cruise we have had to fix problems at sea ranging from corroded connectors to bad hydrophone preamps (which required us to disassemble the entire array), but we have finally got everything in working order!

man and woman sit on deck working on hydrophone

Danielle Colewiak and Rob Valtierra preparing the hydrophone for deployment. (Credit: Carol Fairfield, NEFSC/NOAA)

On the down side it has been pretty quiet during this leg, although there have been some really cool moments. Today we came across a mixed group of pilot whales and common dolphins which resulted in some great recordings, and

hyrophone array is deployed from the ship

Deploying the hydrophone array: the array is towed from the ship during marine mammal visual visual surveys to record acoustic data. (Credit: Jennifer Gatzke, NEFSC/NOAA)

Rob with headphones on at acoyustics desk

Rob Valtierra at work in the acoustics lab (Credit: Kelly Slivka, NEFSC/NOAA)

Atlantic spotted dolphin spectrogram (which represents time versus frequency). For more information about NEFSC's acoustics program, including sound recordings of different species, visit our website. (Credit: Danielle Colewiak, NEFSC/NOAA)

yesterday we had some killer whales swim right by the array! Overall, it has been a great cruise for the acoustics team. Personally I must admit that after being on all three legs of the cruise, I’m ready to set my feet on solid ground again!

Robert Valtierra
Acoustics Team

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