Boat rides, whales and wind!

The Delaware II returned to Woods Hole Thursday, December 8, blown in by a nor’easter that moved rapidly through the area. Overall we have had a very successful cruise.  We collected 71 bongo samples, 46 IKMT samples, 9 neuston samples, lots of images from the VPR, rescued one buoy, and collected our target species with multiple gears in multiple regions.

two in rescue boat

Ensign Carl Noblitt (stern) and Fisherman Jim Pontz (bow) return to the Delaware II in the ship's rescue boat. (Photo by Harvey Walsh, NEFSC/NOAA)

pilot whales

Pilot whales photographed off the stern of the Delaware II during plankton operations included a mother and calf. (Photo by Chris Melrose, NEFSC/NOAA)

Barometer on the ship's bridge shows pressure drop caused by the nor'easter that passed around midnight Thursday, December 8.

I want to thank the officers and crew of the Delaware II who worked hard to make sure we efficiently used our time to accomplish our missions.

Harvey Walsh
Chief Scientist
DE 11-10 Ecosystem Processes Research Cruise

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