Right whales and the ship’s last cruise

It was a great first day (May 15)  for the last cruise leg on the Delaware II.  Calm seas and clear visibility brought us many right whales, sei whales, fin whales, a few humpbacks, and several basking sharks.  We launched the small boat and were able to photograph 5 right whales, one of which is entangled in fishing gear.

With rough weather today (May 16), we anchored off of Provincetown.  The water is calm enough for us to do some small boat practice around the Delaware, but we’ll be back on course tomorrow, heading North to continue the cruise effort.

One of the  scientists aboard, NOAA’s Teacher-At-Sea Ellen O’Donnell, is keeping a blog which you can follow for more information at http://tiny.cc/atsea.

More soon,
Genevieve Davis

NOTE:  More information about the entangled right whale sighted on this cruise, and how disentanglement team members from the Northeast Regional Office in Gloucester  who were invited to join the cruise worked closely with NEFSC  scientists and ship personnel, visit: http://www.nero.noaa.gov/nero/hotnews/rwrc/.

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