More fog, a few sightings, and Beaker

5/5: Finally some decent weather. We surveyed the western side of the GSC (Great South Channel), running north along the 50 fathom line. Once we were near Provincetown, we turned east and then headed south, hugging the eastern side of the shipping lanes. Alas, our sightings were scattered and comprised mostly of piscivores. We did find one right whale, which we photographed from the ship, heading steadily southeast. We confirmed via photo-ID that it was EGNO 3440 aka “Cypress” who was the only whale sighted by the PCCS (Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies) survey plane that day. This means they’ve pretty much all left Cape Cod Bay! Hopefully, they’ve come down to join us in the GSC.

5/6: If they’re here, we can’t see ’em. Fog, fog and more fog. We surveyed east/west lines across the southern end hoping to find a break, but didn’t. Cabin fever, or bad weather fever, is starting to set in, so we’re all looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained. See attached (images) for my preferred method. The night was capped off with rousing games of “Peanut” and “Salad Bowl” (trust me, it’s fun).

Beaker surveying the fog. Photo by Allison Henry, NEFSC/NOAA

Beaker surveying the fog….

Plotting tracklines... Photo by Allison henry/NEFSC/NOAA

… plotting tracklines…

beaker seasick

…and dealing with seasickness helped pass the time during heavy fog and rough seas. Photos by Allison Henry, NEFSC/NOAA

We’ve still got fog, but it’s lifted enough that we can actually survey from the flying bridge. Here’s hoping the trend continues and we find some right whales today.

Allison Henry
Chief Scientist
GG13-01 North Atlantic Right Whale survey and biology

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