New leg, same weather?

Greetings from the Gunter,

5/20: We departed from the USCG (U.S.Coast Guard) station in Boston on a beautiful morning and headed out to the Great South Channel (GSC) so that we could be on station in the morning.

5/21: Wish that beautiful weather had stayed with us. We had thick fog limiting our visibility to about 100 meters all day. We started in the southwest portion of the GSC in an area where a small group of right whales had been sighted by the aerial survey team. Since the visibility was so poor, we headed northeast to another area where the plane had sightings, hoping for better sighting conditions. No joy.

5/22: Visibility increased in the morning, but so did the wind. We went back to the southwest section and had a few sightings of finbacks, humpbacks, sei whales and white-sided dolphins before the fog closed back in again.

5/23: High winds, big seas, and fog with higher winds and bigger seas in the forecast. We’re heading to anchor off of Provincetown and wait for better weather.

Allison Henry
Chief Scientist
GG13-01 North Atlantic right whale survey

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