An amazing sight

Great to be back in the air this Memorial Day:)

Hyannis Harbor aerial

A view of Hyannis Harbor from the NOAA Twin Otter, taken May 27 by Christin Khan, NEFSC/NOAA

While we did not find the mother-lode of whales to help out the ship (the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter) we did have an amazing sighting of 1 right whale subsurface below about 40 pilot whales! That made the whole flight!


North Atlantic right whale amidst pilot whales. Photo by Karen Vale, NEFSC/NOAA

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

Jennifer Gatzke
NEFSC aerial survey team

Note:  The May 27 aerial survey also sighted 3 fin whales, 9 humpback whales, and 1 minke whale in addition to the North Atlantic right whale and 40 pilot whales. The directed survey in the Great South Channel was part of an effort to assist the shipboard survey underway on the Gordon Gunter.

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