Hello from the acoustics team!

Leg 2 on the FSV Henry B. Bigelow started off slowly for the acoustics team, as we spent the first few days surveying inshore transect lines that were too shallow to safely deploy the towed hydrophone array. We arrived in deeper water by the morning of August 2, and we’re now fully operational with the array in the water. The acoustics team currently on board includes Samara Haver, a Leg 1 veteran, joined by Genevieve Davis and Joy Stanistreet for Leg 2.

Although we’ve only collected a single day of towed array recordings so far, the first few days weren’t entirely uneventful. We successfully recovered two of the Marine Autonomous Recording units (MARUs) scheduled for retrieval during this cruise leg. A big thanks to the ship’s crew for their expert assistance during the recoveries, and to the visual observers for helping us spot the MARUs when they surfaced. We have one MARU left to recover, and we’re hoping that retrieval goes as smoothly as the first two!

Marine Autonomous Recording Units (MARUs)

The first MARU came back covered in barnacles and algae, but Gen took care of it with the pressure washer!  Photo credit:  NOAA/NEFSC Joy Stanistreet

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