The Ups and Downs of Sightings

Sightings were scant on June 17 , with high sea states hampering observations in Great South Channel- SCOPEX North. Two humpback whales, 1 fin whale, 1 sei whale, and 2  Atlantic white-sided dolphins were seen. No right whales were sighted.

On June 16, just a day earlier, the team sighted 112 humpback whales, 6 fin whales, 1 sei whale, 4 minke whales, 15 pilot whales, 1 harbor porpoise, 9 basking sharks, and 3 ocean sunfish during a survey of Stellwagen Bank and Wilkinson Basin.  No tight whales were sighted.

A survey of Cashes Ledge on June 11 sighted 9 humpback whales, 7 fin whales, 2 sei whales, 4 minke whales, 1 harbor porpoise, 37 basking sharks, and 5 ocean sunfish. No right whales were observed.  One right whale was sighted June 9 during an aerial survey of Franklin Basin, along with 5 humpback whales, 8 fin whales, 5 sei whales, 6 minke whales, 57 pilot whales, 45 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and 39 basking sharks.

The NEFSC Aerial Survey Team

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