Whales everywhere

It has been a busy week for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s  (NEFSC)’s aerial survey team, and weather was spectacular this past weekend.

Yesterday, June 29, the team surveyed Georges Basin. The team observed 24 North Atlantic  right whales, including an entangled whale far offshore , 2 humpback whales, 1 sperm whale, 1 sei whale, 1 minke whale, 105 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, 12 basking sharks, and 32 ocean sunfish.

Two North Atlantic right whales were spotted during the June 28 survey in Franklin Basin, conducted again in excellent conditions.  The team also sighted 19 humpback whales, 3 fin whales, 10 sei whales, 8 minke whales, 34 pilot whales, 23 common dolphins, 1 blue shark, 166 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, 1 harbor porpoise, 36 basking sharks, and 12 ocean sunfish.

On June 27, a survey of Jordan Basin and Jeffreys Bank had excellent to good conditions. Although no right whales were sighted, the team with Teacher in the Air Ellen O’Donnell aboard did see 1 fin whale, 1 minke whale, 15 harbor porpoise, 27 basking sharks, and 14 ocean sunfish.


The NEFSC Aerial Survey Team

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