Lots of sunfish

Emerald and Lehave Central continue to be the focus of the NEFSC aerial surveys on July 22 and again in July 25.

Flying out of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, the team sighted  5 North Atlantic right whales, 1 humpback whale, 6 fin whales, 1 minke whale, 10 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, 1 basking shark, and 8 ocean sunfish during their 4 hour, 23 minute flight July 22 .

right whale named Dalmatian

An adult male right whale named Dalmatian (EGNO 2018) for the white patches all over his lower jaws. He was sighted July 22 traveling northeast with four other whales. Photo by Tim Cole, NEFSC/NOAA. Images collected under MMPA Research Permit Number 1058-1733-01

Sixty-two ocean sunfish were seen on July 25 during another survey in the Emerald and Lehave Central areas.  No right whales were observed, but the team sighted 2 humpback whales, 7 fin whales,  and 3 basking sharks, along with the 62 ocean sunfish.

The NEFSC Aerial Survey Team


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