We’re flying again!

The Northeast Fisheries Science Center aerial survey team began flying again November 4 from Otis airfield, with a nearly 5 hour sawtooth survey flight in the NOAA Twin Otter over Howell Swell.  No right whales were sighted, but the team did see 2 humpback whales, 5  fin whales, 2 sei whales, 1 blue whale, 50 common dolphins, 5 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and 2 harbor porpoise.

blue whale from the air

A blue whale was sighted on November 4 in Howell Swell. Photo by Peter Duley, NEFSC/NOAA.  Image collected under MMPA Research Permit Numnber 1058-1733-01.


MMPA Research permit number 1058-1733-01


The NEFSC Aerial Survey Team

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