Two great days of observations, and a successful disentanglement

The NEFSC aerial survey group sighted 28 North Atlantic right whales during the six and a half-hour April 27 survey of the Great South Channel – SCOPEX South area. All were feeding, and the group of 24 included two mother/calf pairs (moms #1950, last seen in 2012, and #2790, last seen in 2013). The aerial team also observed 4 humpback whales, 4 fin whales, 2 sei whales, 2 minke whales, 37 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and 6 harbor porpoise.

The day before, on April 26, the aerial survey team flew for nearly seven hours on a survey of Jeffreys Ledge and Wildcat Knoll. Fifteen right whales were observed, along with 2 fin whales, 10 harbor porpoise and 11 white-sided dolphins. The team assisted in the search for an entangled whale off Race Point in Provincetown, Mass. The whale was sighted and successfully disentangled.

The NEFSC Aerial Survey Group

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