In port for a crew change before heading out again

Currently 10:20 on May 4th and we are tied up at the Coast Guard Station in Boston. We are here for a crew change and should be in Boston till mid to late afternoon. After we picked up the tag on May 3, we headed for the far east end of the Northern most line of Mark Baumgartner’s CTD grid.

Because we had steady to intermittent rain, marine mammal observations were maintained from the bridge with a two person rotation. Dani Cholewiak has been continuing with the sonobuoy drops along the track line to see if we are able to pick up groups of right or sei whales acoustically while we are in low visibility. So far humpback whales have been making it difficult to pick up other species that might be in the area.

Last night before breaking off track to come into Boston we finished up most of the CTD stations, and although a bridge watch was maintained throughout the day very few marine mammals were seen. Weather for the next couple of days is not looking too good, but hope to be back in the thick of things soon. We may head for an aggregation of right whales reported off Jeffreys Ledge late this afternoon. Even if we don’t have the weather to do any small boat work, it  would still be good to get eyes on the group and be there if things drop out.

The crew is off seeing some of the sights in Boston and enjoying some good rest before we head out this afternoon. Guess that is all the news for now, more to follow once we get off the dock.

Pete Duley
Chief Scientist, GU 16-03
Aboard the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter

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