A Record Day!

Summary of report on Leg II (July 18 – August 5) of the AMAPPS survey:
During Leg 2 on July 21st of the AMAPPS survey the scientific party encountered the most animals ever in a single day for this survey. Early morning sightings started with a flurry of sperm whales near Oceanographer Canyon. That level of sighting lasted most of the day as the vessel traveled east in good conditions, although the species composition changed. In the afternoon in the shallows (100-200m) between
Oceanographer and Lydonia Canyons the crew encountered a sighting
bonanza: some 2500 common dolphins, 120 fin whales, 50 humpback whales,
60 Risso’s dolphins, 70 pilot whales, 80 bottlenose dolphins, 100 striped dolphins, with a few beaked whales and ocean sunfish when the ship was in
the deeper waters.

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