2017 Spring Bottom Trawl Survey

Leg I: Southern Fish Make Things Interesting

We’d made it all the way south and had just begun working our way north when bad weather drove us to shelter in Norfolk, VA.  Our work and research primarily revolves around northern fish species so sampling down south affords us the opportunity to briefly dip into the gulf stream and find fish that mostly live to the south of us, but that can also come into northerly waters when currents and temperatures are right.  Sometimes we are familiar enough with a fish to identify it down to its species.  Other times, we may only get down to its family classification.  In any case, when it comes to these southern and/or deep-water fish, we bring them back to the lab where there is more time to closely and carefully key out the species.  The following pictures show the diversity in body shape and color of these beautiful animals.  Enjoy!

Christine Kirkun, fishery biologist

Aboard the NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow

All Photos by NOAA NEFSC/Christine Kirkun

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